Frequently Asked Questions

What are City Dining Cards?

Each deck of City Dining Cards contains 52 cards with savings to your favorite locally owned restaurants, cafés and eateries in your city - 50 cards are worth $10 off your food bill of $30 or more (tax, tip and alcohol not included), and 2 wildcards offer freebies.

What are City Dining Cards: Drink Deck Edition?

The Drink Deck is available in select cities and contains 25 or 50 buy-one, get-one drinks at locally owned bars, cafés and restaurants.

Where can I buy City Dining Cards and Drink Decks?

City Dining Cards are available online and at these retail locations.

How many times can I use each card?

Just once.

When can I use City Dining Cards and Drink Decks?

Today! There are no blackout dates. Every card in the 2015 edition is valid through December 31st, 2015 and every card in the 2015 - 2016 edition is valid through December 31st, 2016. As long as the merchant is open, your card is valid.

What if a restaurant or bar that is featured in City Dining Cards or Drink Deck closes?

Return the card to us with a self-addressed and stamped envelope and we will replace the card with another from the same deck.

I'm a business owner and would like to sell City Dining Cards at my location. How can I do that?

It's easy! Simply click here for more information.

I have a business and I'd like to be included in next year's deck. How can I be included?

Thanks for your interest. Please click here for more information.

How can I fundraise with City Dining Cards?

We keep it fun and simple. You can find more information on our fundraising page here.

How much money from the sale of each deck is donated to food banks?

5% from the sale of each deck of City Dining Cards benefits local food banks.

Which food banks benefit?

You can find a full list here.

What are your shipping options?

We ship two different ways: Ground (1-5 days) and Priority (1-3 days). The rate is based on the number of decks ordered. Ground shipping is a flat rate of $2.95 per deck and Priority shipping is $9.95 per deck, unless discounted shipping is offered.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. If you purchased a deck that is damaged, please contact customer service at or call 716.507.4474 x203.